The Lawn Update

P9220057.jpgSo, I’ve been meaning to take notes about the status of the lawn. Overall, I’m telling myself that it’s not too bad for the one year old it is. But really, it looks like it’s only one year old.

Just before we cut it, it might be called lush looking, in a few spots. But after you cut it, you can see how thin it all is. We definitely need to reseed it this fall, and Frank’s been thinking a lot about exactly when.

P9220068.jpgWe’ve mostly been leaving the grass cuttings on the lawn when we mow, in hopes of improving the soil. I like to do that about every other time because I want the clippings for the compost, which is desperately needed in the rest of the garden, and I think my flower beds should come before the lawn.

Frank prefers to leave the clippings in the lawn every time, because the soil is so bad it needs all the help it can get, plus it’s less work, and we have enough work everywhere else. I think a compromise of every other time is a good one.

The other place we have to compromise on the lawn is how high to cut it. Frank thinks I scalp it, I think he leaves it so long that it barely looks like it’s been mowed. By taking turns running the little ride-on lawn mower, we are sort of compromising by default. Whoever mows it that week, wins.

P9220019.jpgI took a bunch of pictures from different angles to get a good look at the lawn from the big picture perspective. It’s so filled with ragweed that I’m constantly in the lawn, pulling weeds, and I rarely get up and look around at it.

So okay, it doesn’t totally suck, but it still definitely needs a lot of work.

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