Easter Eve

033002_001.jpgIt’s hard to believe it’s Easter already. We’ve almost got bare ground all around, amazingly enough. I think we’ve seen the ground a couple of times this year because the snow covers been pitiful, but still. Soggy muddy weather on Easter? Unheard of.

033002_004.jpgI’m all excited, too, because it looks like the fish survived the winter, which means we dug that pond deep enough for them to burrow down and hibernate in the muck at the bottom. There’s water around the edges of the pond, though it’s still covered with a thin layer of ice, but I could make out moving orange thingies in the breaks in the ice, and one darted out into the water at the edge for just a second. Hardy little things, they are. Very, very neat. I can’t start feeding them until the water temperature is something like 50 degrees (must look that up), but I’m glad they made it!

We can see the beginning shoots of some of the bulbs, and it looks like the spring clean up is going to be awful. Lots and lots of thatch on the grass, and half rotted leaves in all the beds. To be honest, though, I’m itching to get out there and get started. Come on spring!

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