Teaching the climbers to climb

P6090009.jpgThe chives right next to the pergola are in full bloom today. They’ve reseeded themselves and are very happy all over my garden, actually. Oops! Frank’s been playing with the camera, and I loved the shot of the chives with the bee so much it’s now the background wallpaper on my computer, plus I printed it out on the fancy photo printer too. I think I’m going to pick out a bunch like this and have them in an album or something when the garden tour happens.

Peonies in bud. IIt looks like my peonies are going to bloom this year for the first time ever. They are loaded with both buds and ants, so I might just have finally got them planted at the right depth. They’ve been teasing me forever. I might have finally planted them at the right depth.

Princess kitty by the peonies.Princess kitty kept me company all day today, and kept tasting the weeds in my basket and giving me a look like “why are we doing this again?”

Frank cut a sheet of trellis to fit up the legs of the pergola. This should help the grapes, clematis and honeysuckles climb up and cover the pergola, eventually. We’ll have to teaching the grapes to climb the trellis. I like the look of the trellis on the pergola, actually. Frank was worried it would look too weird. Hopefully, it’ll be less noticeable as the climbers learn to climb, but still, I like it.

This clematis didn’t do anything last year. I really must read up on what it needs. Speaking of not doing much last year, this baby grape plants barely survived. I’m hoping that some day he will grow up the pergola. Same thing with the honeysuckle plant, which is just beginning to climb.

treeThis Baby mountain ash sapling is planted right behind the peonies. We hope that wasn’t a mistake and he doesn’t grow up to shade these guys too much.

The light blue flowers are F3 hybrids pansies. Lisa bought extrs spiffy pansies for the window boxes back in 2000. Last year we had a bazillion like this —, johhny jump-ups with a unique color. This year most look like normal pansies but still have the leggy plant form.

Frank rescued those Blue Flag iris from one of the dying beaver ponds last year. It’s nice to see they survived the transpanting and look happy in our pond here at the house.

I’m really loving this high Spring garden, with all the iris and the new trellis.

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