More Iris

060802_080.jpgWe were outside every possible minute today, trying to get things ready for the garden tour. I’m slowly feeling like I’m getting it under control, though.

There are still lots of iris in bloom, with the Siberian ones just coming out. There are a bunch of these in the shallow parts of the pond’s waterfall, and they seem happy as a clam. I knew they liked it moist, but I didn’t realize exactly how moist.

I did stuff like mow the laws and weed, as usual. Frank wanted me to let the grass clippings fall to help improve the soil, but I’d done that last week and I like the way it looks so much better when I use the grass bagger. I’ve got him convinced to do it every other time, but he’s not happy about it. I know I should want to do it too, but I don’t.

He put up these trellis so the clematis, grapes and honeysuckle can climb the pergola this year. (hopefully!) I still need to get some other climbing things, because my goal here is to have the whole thing covered some day.

060802_070.jpgThe chives are in full bloom, and they have come up happy in, er, more places than I planned. But so pretty! And the bees just love them.

We have several birds nests out there, one with very cute little babies under the eaves of the gazebo. Frank’s been trying to figure out how to get the digital camera to let him manual focus, but all his attempts are stressing out the poor mama bird and makes me feel guilty.

It’s perfect wine in the gazebo weather.

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