Puttering in the garden

Since the stupid shredder still wouldn’t start, we puttered in the yard for most of the day.

P7070032.jpgThe window boxes are looking just about perfect right now, though I need to get out there and deadhead the whole lot of them again. I’ve been concentrating on keeping up with the weeding and dead-heading in the big garden proper, so I’m amazed at how well the window boxes are holding up for as little attention as they’ve had.

P7070022.jpgAll the orange day lilies opened up by magic today. We have thousands of these, left by the Jones by the old foundation. I’m slowly moving them out into the garden, even if they are the regular “boring” ones. I like them. We also like hot and sour soup, and I want to figure out how to use day lily buds. Do I dry them? When do I harvest them?

Later this month, a daylily farmer is having an open house, and I want to be sure to attend. I like to get some of the named varieties for a bit of variety in my own yard, to contrast with all these orange ones.

The blue alium are also blooming well right now. I want to remember to move them from their planters out into the garden proper. I meant to do that last year when they finished blooming, but I completely forgot until I saw them bloom again this year.

P7070026.jpgJust to take note — the pond water seems to be doing pretty well. We can keep up with the algae by scooping it out with a net. That’s not a final solution, but until we figure it out, it works. The fish are doing great, and there are tons of frogs out there. When we sit in the gazebo in the evening, sipping a glass of wine, the frogs are downright loud!

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