Expansion progress

P7060003.jpgThere is some visible progress, right? I can at least see the ground from the second floor of the house. But out there in it, there’s so much brush still on the ground that it’s very discouraging.

We woke up this morning to find that the shredder wouldn’t start. After much cussing and yelling, Frank finally decided we’d just take it back. So an hour and a half later, we were back with yet another (bigger) shredder/chipper.

This one worked well for a couple of hours, then it too got jammed. Much cussing and yelling later, Frank got it unstuck with great difficulty. I ran about half the stuff we had down through it, only to have it jam up again.

This time, it’s jammed but good. Even cussing and yelling didn’t help. We went in finally after the bugs got awful and it started to rain. I’m glad I got the lawn cut earlier. It could really use the rain.

This whole experience has convinced Frank that we want our own shredder, however. (that surprised me!) But he says he’ll be able to take it apart because he owns it, rather than needing to drive it 30 minutes to its home to get fixed. I guess I can understand that. He wants one that will work off of the back of his tractor. I guess we need to start exploring those, because there is still a lot of clearing to do out there.

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