Gazebo time

P8210011.jpgWe are spending almost every evening out in the gazebo at this point. When the sun starts to go down, it just calls our name. The screened in part was to keep away the bugs, but the mosquito magnet has been working so well that we can sit out there with the door propped open so the cats can come in and out, which they enjoy.

P8210007.jpg The view from the gazebo is just spectacular. The window boxes are in full bloom right now, and quite fragrant. The roses that I planted under and around the gazebo are fragrant as well as beautiful. It’s so peaceful and quiet out there that we stay out long after the sun’s gone down, sipping wine and talking.

P8210009.jpgSpeaking of roses, we got a second flush of blooms on Mr. Chrysler, and it’s as red as it should be. So my amendments worked, I think. Earlier this year his first blooms were almost orange, not red at all, and i was worried they’d sent the wrong rose bush. I added compost, worm castings and fertilizer, and he seems all better now. Whew!

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