Party Time

We’re having a party tonight, and the garden feels like it’s ready to show itself off. Of course, with 30 people invited, we were hoping to be able to hold most of the party out on the deck and the garden, and it looks like it’s going to rain any second now, hard. The air is so humid and heavy that I don’t hold out much hope for it waiting until tomorrow. I haven’t a clue how I’m going to entertain that many people inside the house, but I guess I have no choice!

P8240010.jpgSo much is in bloom right now. The clematis is looking wonderful, as are the glads planted right near them. The lawn is looking a bit ratty, but I really don’t care. Who needs a lawn anyway, I say? I’m just going to slowly annex it for more flower beds eventually, so I might as well not get too attached to it, right?
The white phlox is just starting to bloom. Why didn’t I move these like I’d planned to this spring? They are way too crowded together, and right next to a sprinkler head. Though the flowers are pretty, they have a pretty bad case of black spot, probably from getting too much water and not enough air circulation. I must remember to move them next spring.

P8240015.jpgI still feel like I have an over-abundance of yellow flowers out here, so I want to concentrate on other late summer blooming things when I start stuff from seed next spring. No more yellow flowers, including lilies, Frank. It’s a rule! We have too many.

I dead-headed the window boxes about a week ago, really hard. I almost cut a foot off of everything, as it was starting to look pretty spent. I wanted it to be perfect for this party, and it looks like I timed it about right. They are all full and blooming madly right now. Perfect.

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