Post-Party Perfect Weather

It did indeed rain the entire time we had people over yesterday, so no one got to enjoy much of my garden. The gazebo was popular though, especially for the smokers. And the fragrance of all the blooms could still be detected even during the height of the rain storm. All that pounding water might even have made it better, or something.

The weather today? It is absolutely perfect. Mid-70s, big blue skies. All the rain has made everything bloom like it’s going out of style. Figures! Hard to show it off when everyone has left! Oh well. We enjoy it.

P8260043.jpgAfter all my griping about too many yellow flowers, some of the new glads I bought this spring bloomed today, and guess what? they are yellow. They have very pretty red splotches on them, but still! More yellow. I wonder if I can find someone to trade with. I should put them on a different part of the garden next year. I need to try to store these guys with the colors marked on them, somehow. I that sounds far more organized than I am, sadly.

P8260050.jpg The buddlea bush is going gangbusters right now, and is absolutely covered with butterflies all day long. This pale purple one is pretty and I love it, but I also think I want one of the darker purple ones. It’d be great if I could get them growing next to each other. I think the one I want is called something knight. I need to research that and put it on my wish list.

P8260048.jpgThe japanese beetle infestation is getting worse. My poor tropicana rose is being eaten alive. The traps don’t seem to be doing anything at all. I run around like mad and knock them into a glass of soapy water, but it is disgusting, and frustrating. I wish there was something out there that worked.

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