Goodbye September

P9260006.jpgIt was very rainy all day today, and chilly too. We are getting ready to leave for a ten day vacation in the bay area of California, so I spent much of today doing last minute garden chores before we go.

I wonder if it’ll freeze and kill my window box plants while we’re gone? I bet the trees will all be in full color when we get back, too.

P9260005.jpgMy first try at ornamental grass has given me the one lonely stalk so far this year. It’s zebra grass, which I’ve always admired in everyone else’s garden. I like where I placed it, in front of the stone wall, and it’s grown quite a bit since I put it in last June. It’s the first thing thing that you see when you come up the driveway too, which is also something I wanted.

Part of the reason I have a hard time filling up that front bed is that it gets beaten up pretty bad by the snow plow guy every winter. So I need tough stuff there, and hopefully this guy is up to the challenge.

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