Productive weekend

It was record-breaking hot here today. 99 degrees.

P9090022.jpg P9090031.jpgWe had a hugely productive day, though. We worked ourselves until we were exhausted, but got a huge amount of stuff done in the garden. The cats (both Princess and Yoda) supervised nearly everything we did today, clearly enjoying the weather and the company. They are so damn cute.

P9090026.jpg Frank turned the compost pile, I weeded. He sprayed brush killer on that area we cleared earlier, I weeded. He spread compost on several beds, I weeded. Sensing a pattern? I did dead-head some, too. But mostly? I weeded.

I helped him screen the compost several times. He made the screen sturdier, but it’s still a slow process, and works best with two people. It’s coming out really well. We’re tossing the large bits that won’t fit through the screen back into one of the working piles so that it can continue to finish composting.

P9090032.jpgHaving the trailer behind the lawn tractor is working out really well. Frank uses it to haul both compost and mulch, and then he fills it up with the baskets of weeds that I leave laying around the garden, and takes those back to the other bins on his trip back. We feel like we’ve got quite the productive system worked out there.

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