Spreading more compost

P9160009.jpgWe got outside in the garden after work today, mostly because it was beautiful weather and puttering out there gives us an excuse to get out there. I messed around on the trampoline as well, which was fun.

But mostly, we spread compost. In particular, we are moving back toward that area where we cut trees and brush earlier this year. We are trying some lasagna gardening in this area.

P9160008.jpgFirst, we cover the area with coffee grounds that we get from a local coffee shop. We try to stop by there at least weekly and grab as many bags as they have. We toss the coffee filters as well as the grounds, figuring it will all compost quite well. Then we cover the grounds with cardboard that we save from every shipment or whatever that we get in the mail or from things that we buy. Another layer of coffee grounds, and then cover the whole mess with pine bark mulch.

The one tricky part of this area is that it is chock full of bind weed. Every time we think we have the whole area covered, we find the bind weed found a crack in the cover, and comes up right through it, stronger than ever. I’m not sure if smothering it like this will actually work, but I’m not sure what else to try.

P9160002.jpgAll of my dahlias are out in full force right now, looking quite pretty.

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