Feeding the fish

PA130055.jpgAustin and Gavin had great fun with more tractor rides in the garden, and much feeding of the fish. We are now feeding them the low temp food which they don’t like near as much. I think the boys gave them enough for a week’s worth, however.

PA130057.jpgThe only things blooming out there now are yellow flowers, asters and um, that’s it. Many yellows, which go great with all the colors on the changing leaves. The burning bushes look great as well. I’m complimenting Mother Nature’s colors, that’s what I’m doing. Why try to compete?

The silly Halloween mums are all in bud, but no blossoms yet.

The window boxes are looking very ratty.

Things that didn’t get finished before I have surgery tomorrow:

I have 450 bulbs that need to get into the ground.

Bringing in the window boxes.

Oh well. This surgery should be pretty minor, and maybe I’ll get to it next weekend.

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