Getting ready to put it to bed

PA170004.jpgI’m healing well from the surgery, though not yet up to doing many garden chores. I find it very soothing to walk around out there, though, even if mentally I’m making lists of all the things that need to be done to put the garden to bed.

PA170001.jpgThe fall colors are looking lovely, but muted. It’s been very windy and rainy, the exact type of weather that makes for an awful leaf-peeping season, because it blows all the leaves off the trees too quickly. The wind’s been so bad that the power keeps going out, and one of the outages was because of a tree down in our driveway.

I spent some time outside today, though I didn’t last for very long, no stamina at all. I started emptying out some of the window boxes, and I think I probably only a dozen or so, a mere drop in the bucket. Frank had to haul them all downstairs for me, but it’s a start, I guess. Lots more to go. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on the bulbs, if it doesn’t rain.

He has surgery scheduled for next Thursday, so we feel this enormous pressure to finish as much as we can out there. But what gets done gets done, I guess. No use fretting about it.

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