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Well, I got a /28 IP address out of Global Crossing. That means I’m going to have to do some masquerading, and maybe do some name virtual hosting too. Or bug them for a 32 in due course, after I’ve virtuously used up all 14 addresses.

Anywho, I went off the to the Netopia site, and there’s a major firmware upgrade for my R series router. It looks like it might be possible for the router to handle a mixed network, with some addresses public and some private and mapped. I’m not sure how I get the boxes to talk to each other though. It’s tarting to look like I need to have a DMZ with the servers with their public static IPs and, then a masquerading host with the private boxes behind it. Me and the fortune 500. Someday it would be nice to do something the simple way.

I’ve put sendmail/SSL on hold. It sure looks I’d have to build sendmail, and that sounds like way to much work. I don’t have “days” to devote to it.

I haven’t been doing real well with the various docs about IPtables either, so I bought the Wiley/Red Hat Press firewall book today. It seems to be well written and like it will tell me what I need to know, not only for the NAT host, but to get at least some use out of the firewall built into my router. The last guy that broke in (a Prodigy subscriber down in Mexico City) guessed Valerie’s password.

What I have been doing well with is PHP and Lisa’s garden journal. She wants the thumbnails from her Gallery to appear automagically right along with the corresponding journal entry. I’m not doing real well on figuring out how Gallery does things (no docs), but it stores all the images in directories rather than MySQL, so I just have to duplicate the directory names, which are the gallery names, which Lisa assigns.

The extra good news is that PHP comes with a real manual, which I am successfully reading. So I can use PHP with Moveable Type to set up Lisa’s journal. Unless I just do some server side javascript. We shall see.
Posted by Frank at February 15, 2003 07:50 AM

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