The window box seeds

These are the annuals that I’m going to plant in the window boxes along the deck. I’ve tried to go with a theme this year, rather than my usual random mix of gaudy colors. There’s a lot to said for gaudy (and I do it so well!) but I figure I can try a more sedate, organized look one year, and if I don’t really like it, go back to my mixed up stuff again next year. So, lots of white and blue, with a few red things mixed in for spark. And one black pansy, because I have no will power and I know Frank loves these.

Annual : Anagallis : Monellii

Needs light, 20-30 days, 60-70�

Sow from January to March, covering seed with a thin layer of vermiculite; seal inside a polythene bag after sowing. Transplant seedlings into 3 inch pots.

Exclusively from Seymours English Collection. Blooms, up to 3/4 in, of an intense blue – perhaps the most intense blue of any flower – blooming in profusion from spring to frost, with stems springy enough to become pendulous in hanging baskets. Great variety for containers and baskets. Our Exclusive. 9 inches.

1/64 oz. = approx. 625 seeds

Item # 05102, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual : Convolvulus : Ensign Series : Royal Ensign

Light or Dark, 12-14 days, 70-72�

Dwarf Morning Glory

Soak seed in warm water for 8 hours prior to planting to enhance germination. Direct sow 3-4 seeds per pot. Allow at least 4-5 weeks until hardening off.

(12-15 in) A simply dazzling royal blue shade, accentuated by a center of butter yellow and pure white. Unlike its cousin Morning Glory, these 1-1/2 in blooms stay open all day.

1/4 oz. = approx. 650 seeds

Item # 05501, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual : Felicia : Cub Scout

Needs Light, 7-14 days, 70�

Do not cover seed. Ideal for bedding use or hanging baskes.

(4 in) From Seymour’s English Collection. Daisy-like flowers with attractive blue petals, a metallic sheen and contrasting golden discs. Very free blooming. A direct sowing in Spring generates flowers from July to October.

1/128 oz. = approx. 950 seeds

Item # 05681, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual: Morning Glory: Double Picotee Series: Double Blue Picotee

Dark or Light, 10-14 Days, 70�

Ipomodea (Morning Glory)

Another stunning variety from Japan with milky-white picotee rims accenting its rich, double blue flowers ? a must in the garden!

Item # 06557, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual : Morning Glory : Flying Saucer

Dark or Light, 10-14 Days, 70�

Truly spectacular splashes of color �? blooms 5 in across on vines trailing up to 15 ft. ? are what make Flying Saucers possibly the showiest of all Morning Glories. Blooms are pure white brushed with lavender-lilac in a pinwheel pattern. Foliage is lush, projecting an easy, lavish tropical touch even when grown in boxes and planters.

1/2 oz. = approx. 350 seeds

Item # 06564, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual : Lobelia : Regatta Series : White

Needs Light, 14-21 Days, 70�

Sow seeds uncovered in sterilized medium. Keep seed evenly warm and moisten with warm water to increase germination. Water in with fungicidal drench to prevent damping-off. Grow on at 50�.

The earliest hanging basket Lobelia! Ready up to 3 weeks earlier, with long trailing branches covered with flowers to make this an absolute show stopper in baskets and containers. Purest white.

Item # 06743, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual : Lobelia : Blue Moon

Needs Light, 14-21 Days, 70�

Sow seeds uncovered in sterilized medium. Keep seed evenly warm and moisten with warm water to increase germination. Water in with fungicidal drench to prevent damping-off. Grow on at 50�.

(4-6 in) Brilliant mid-blue, extra-early. More heat tolerant. Perfect for beds and baskets.

1/128 oz. = approx. 5,400 seeds

Item # 06702, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual: Pansy: Super Swiss Giant Series: Swiss Giant Black Devil

Needs Darkness, 8-15 Days, 65-70�

Sow seeds in sterilized medium. Cover lightly; needs darkness for germination. Likes it cool in summer with good air circulation. Sow in November for blooms next season. From seed to sales requires 12-14 weeks. Sow in June and July for fall sales, October and November for spring.

Coal black, yellow eye.

1/16 oz. = approx. 1,200 seeds

Item # 07163, HPS, purchased 2/2003

Annual : Coleus : Red Velvet

Needs Light, 10-12 days, 72�

Needs light for germination; do not cover seed. Apply a fungicide drench after transplanting to prevent damping-off. Excellent plant for shaded beds.

(12-15 in) Deep, velvety-red color, compact habit.

1/256 oz. = approx. 375 seeds

Item # 05487, HPS, purchased 2/2003

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