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Because I have no will power whatsoever, I couldn’t just order annual seeds, now could I? Do I even have room for more perennials in my garden? I must. It’s huge. Surely I can find space for hundreds of more plants. Right? Right.

To make matters worse, these aren’t all perennials, even. I was just so tempted by pretty annuals that there are a couple of annuals in here as well, for the main garden, not the window boxes.

On the other hand, I’ll only start a few of these, really. And I promise to wait until after I’ve got all of the short and draping annuals started, as the window boxes are the priority.

Nevertheless, these are the miscellaneous seed packets for the main garden that called out my name. No so many, really. I’m really on a blue flower kick this year, though the red and white picotee cosmos just looked too cute to pass up.

I’ve got one yellow draping this in there too for around the bridge over the pond. I had it one year and we loved it. I tried to buy it as a plant last year, but couldn’t find anyone locally who sold it, so I’m am going to try it from seed. I had seen passion flowers last summer in DC, so I have those listed here as well, but the seed packets say 30-80 days to germinate, so I don’t really have much hope for them. If they do germinate, they are for the pergola.

Perennial : Delphinium : Centurion Sky Blue

Dark or Light, 18 Days, 70�

Germination better with constant soil temperature of 70°. Seed very sensitive to drying out, so cover lightly.

(36-48″) (10,000s.)

1997 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner ? the first Delphinium to earn this coveted award! Strong, compact spikes last remarkably long, and produce heavenly, clear-blue flowers with white eyes in the first year. A wonderful border plant and a sumptuous addition to cut flower arrangements.

Very uniform. 36-48 ?

Perennial : Digitalis : Foxy Mix
Digitalis (Foxglove)

1/16 oz. = approx. 12,500 seeds

No other information — I need to look this up. I loved it in my beds last year, but it was a “weed” back in Texas. I wonder if it will re-seed like that here?

Annual : Cosmos : Picotee
Darkness or Light, 7-10 days, 72�

Sow in early March for pack and pot sales. Cover seed lightly. Allow 4-5 weeks for pack sales from seeding. Also makes an excellent cut flower.

Bold red rim and stripes against white centers. Magnificent! (48 in) From Seymour’s English Collection. An extra early variety that adds a striking accent color to gardens, pots and bedding. White flowers, about 3 in across, sport a red stripe and border. A good overall performer.

1/16 oz. = approx. 275 seeds

Annual : Cerinthe : Blue Kiwi
Darkness or Light, 7-21 days, 70�

Needs Light, 30-80 days, 70-85�

Sow immediately after soaking seed overnight. Transplant when 2? tall.

Unusual yet lovely 3″ blooms, sometimes followed by non-edible fruits after a hot summer. A self-clinging climber from Brazil, one of the hardiest passion flowers.

Needs Light, 30-80 days, 70-85�

Needs Darkness, 10-14 days, 65�

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