Two days later, and the things feel the same.

Global Crossing sent me my IPs. An 8. I wrote back that I’m hosting 11 domains (true). Trying to live with 6 usable IPs would not be fun. Fourteen is minimal with one per domain, a router and a second nameserver. The same email promised that global crossing would assign me an install date within 14 days. I guess they have to mine the copper and grow the telephone poles.

Meanwhile, I’m up to chapter 3 in the Sendmail book. We have a cognitive disconnect — not only do they keep protesting too much that sendmail doesn’t need to be redesigned to be more manageable, but they say the since it will only take a couple of days to download, install and configure all the packages needed to rebuild sendmail from source code “it doesn’t represent a major investment of time.” Arguably that’s true if you’re a full time sysadmin, and the care and feeding of servers is your day job. (Arguably. Most people I know would choose less work rather than more.) But it isn’t my day job. I know what I want to do, it’s not conceptually difficult, just !@#$%^ let me do it.

On a more reasonable note, Lisa has explained what she wants for her garden journal. Basically a two frame setup, with the entry on the left and all the thumbnails she put into Gallery on that day on the right. I can do that.

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