And now there’s mail

Tip of the day. Under Red Hat 8 has moved to /etc/mail. No biggie, except nobody told Linuxconf. So our mail bounced for most of the day, until I thought to copy /etc/ to /etc/mail/ and magically the mail came through.

In the interim I got to read in the sendmail book about how easy it is to configure sendmail using M4. The DEA ought to visit those people. M4 allows you to write the gibberish that sendmail needs in a format that is (barely) comprehensible to mortal man. It is still a bassackwards pile of arcane gibberish.

Natheliess, the mail is coming through. It still seems to take several minutes to fetch said mail.. I have no clue why, but as long as it is indeed making it, I will defer the question till after the websites are up. Granolageek, including this log is up. Tonight comes lots of pages, but no software.

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