We’re Baaaack

We are. They got us up yesterday afternoon, Most of the trouble I had getting back online was getting bunter’s gateways straightened out. I’m sure I changed them three or four times, but I still kept seeing the old router IP not the new one. Well, it seems to be working finally.

I’ve given RHN quite the workout, bringing three systems up to date. I just can’t see compiling your own anymore, unless being sysadmin is your day job. If I was downloading source and compiling it, I’d still be at it tomorrow, and that without putting in any billable hours.

Anyway, I now have all the user workstations behind a firewall. I got ICQ and the VPN I need for my contract, both working. We should be good to go now until Jeremy gets home for spring break and wants to start gaming.

So now it’s on to the server. I’m not ready to deal with anything hard. www.therichards.org will be fine for tonight.

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