The Flower Show

P3280036.jpgWe went to the Keene Flower Show today, and enjoyed pretending that it was spring. It was pretty crowded for a Friday afternoon, but not so crowded that it wasn’t fun. We took Ginny with us, and she seemed to enjoy it as well.

The only thing I bought for the garden were lily bulbs. I got 25 Oriental lilies and 20 Asiatic from Maplecrest Lilies, who were vending at the show. I also couldn’t resist a couple of sprays of cut flowers as well. I had them separate them by color, because I want to control where I plant them out, rather than just randomly putting the colors all mixed up. I didn’t buy any additional Star Gazer lilies, because the ones we planted two years ago did so well, but I don’t think I need any more. I want to find somewhere else to line the path with lilies. Hmmm.

P3280033.jpgAnd back in the real word. our pond is just starting to show. We can see the frozen ice now, and clear water around the edges.

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