Webalizer Backwards as Designed

Webalizer has been being it’s usual pain here at the vast Richards web empire. (Sorry too much news-speak this week). Besides all the usual failures to run with a terse “I won’t” left in the log, I’ve been getting the same statistics on all the sites, something that’s obviously wrong.

Well, I’ve got it set up with a different webalizer.conf file for every site, and I’m invoking it with the -c flag in cron.daily. Being lazy, I had the main site (www.therichards.org) using the default file in /etc.This used to work under Redhat 7. However it seems there was an update in Redhat 8, and webalizer now checks the default location before it checks the command line flags, so it will only use a conf file specified on the command line if there is no default file.

I admit, this is what the man page seemed to say, and I vaguely recalled that it used to say the -c flag overridesm but, but, but, this is bizarre. The custom of the command line overriding the defaults is both ancient and well respected. It makes sense, damn it. And changing a running program to violate a custom it used to follow? Weird.

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