More clean up

I’d been hoping to get another full day of spring clean up in this weekend, because I got so far on Saturday that I was all inspired. Instead, it rained on Sunday, all day long. Hard and cold rain, that I had absolutely no interest in getting out in. Oh well! So much for those plans.

Cleaned up bed. (and Princess-kitty) But today after work, I got a lot done in about two hours before it got dark. I’d gone out there with Princess-kitty, just to relax a bit, and maybe get one bed started, and before you knew it, it was done. Maybe that’s the way to tackle this clean up. Break it into small pieces rather than look out over how much there is to do.

So anyway — the bed right in front of the house looks so much better. This is the closest to a shade garden that I have right now. It gets some morning sun, but that’s it, and my shade plants have done pretty well in it so far.

The plants that are showing up already are all of the columbine that I planted from seed plugs last spring. It’s nice to see them looking so healthy. It looks like they are all fine, that we didn’t lose any of them. That’s great.

My bleeding heart, just coming up. The bleeding heart is coming up right next to the house foundation, again where we didn’t think it was, but it’s looking great. This is the bleeding heart that we had by the old house, and the spring after the house burned, when nothing else survived all the debris and ash piles around the house, the bleeding heart bloomed through it all. Then the landscapers transplanted it and killed whatever it was they transplanted, but an offshoot seems to have survived and came up a good three feet away. Go bleeding heart! I should move it, though, huh? It doesn’t look very good surrounded by all that stone.

Frank stepping on the stones to reach more leaves. LisaFrank and I decided to start pulling leaves out of the pond. Ick. The water is still frigid, just above freezing, and they are all slimy. The water doesn’t smell bad anymore, so that’s something, anyway. I got lucky and didn’t find any dead frogs under the leaves I was pulling up, but Frank did. So instead of working with his hands like I was, he got the net out. Ick. Dead frogs hidden under leaves. After he found the second one like that, I just couldn’t work up the nerve to keep tempting fate.

The first daffodils bloom.The daffs and the red twig dogwoods in the circular drive-way bed continue to look stunning. Even Yoda agrees! I told him what a big, brave kitty he was for venturing a whole thirty feet from the front door.

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