A Snowy night

P4240006.jpgHey, it’s not May yet. Snow is normal.

So instead of working outside in the garden, I went back down in my basement where I could pretend there was no snow outside.

P4240031.jpgI managed to hurt my shoulder pretty badly, though. I’d been emptying out some of the window boxes from last year into the wheelie bin and filled it up way too high. Then when I tried to move it, it fell over or attempted to, anyway. To save it, I caught it with my left arm, and the weight of it wrenched the arm out of the shoulder socket, I think. And because I am stupid, I didn’t just let go, but rather stood there in pain with the arm still supporting all of the weight, just so I wouldn’t have to sweep up all that dirt. Dumb! I’m really hurting tonight, but the sharpness and shooting pains have stopped, at least, and I can rotate the shoulder.

P4240036.jpgBefore that happened, though, I was pretty productive in the window box department. I’m almost through, I think, and the ones that I’ve already done are growing like weeds. I haven’t a clue if I’ve started them too early or too late. When the weather was so warm earlier this week, I was thinking I’d be able to put them out pretty soon, which was good because they are getting to tall. Then it snowed today. Oops! Maybe they’ll have to go out mid-May after all. It’s so hard to predict.

The morning glories from seeds have been a mixed bag. Some are going great, about to bloom, even. Some died after transplant shock, I guess. I think next year I will start them in peat pots and plant the whole thing in the window box. I haven’t a clue if they’ll degrade quickly in a window box, but I’m not sure what else to try.

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