Return to Winter

P4040046.jpgOh, the weather outside is frightful …

P4040055.jpgI know, I shouldn’t be humming carols, but with a winter storm raging during the first week of April, I have to sing, or I’ll cry. We got six inches or so overnight last night, it spat sleet and freezing rain for most of the morning, then turned to snow again in the afternoon. Six or more inches are expected overnight tonight. Sigh.

I’m not quite sure what that means for the things that were starting to come up, and which are now all buried again. We had bare ground with three or four inch shoots from the daffodils and crocus just three days ago. Then we got this spell of winter, and I’m hoping they are all going to be okay.

The pump in the pond is still running, even though it’s all frozen on top again. It looks quite pretty, actually, with the waterfall running through the snow covered rocks. Frank is keeping an eye on it though. If it freezes too solidly, below the pump, that would be bad. Tromping out there in a foot of snow to fix it doesn’t sound like much fun either.

When he said the other day that he had enough firewood cut to get us through the spring? He lied! We’ve been out for days again. I think he was figuring we were going to have a warm spring, just because we had a warm two weeks. Surprise!

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