Tulips Galore

P5200005.jpgReally just a quick run through the garden with the camera. Lisa’s away, and the blackflies are horrid. I can only go out without a bugsuit between 10 and 2. They’ve also found their way up to the balcony which they usually don’t do.

P5200012.jpg The new pond pump is here. Of course it has a one inch outflow instead of two. And so far two hardware stores don’t have 2 inch black poly crap. The lamer landscapers shop at Home Depot, it seems, as I now have to match the pump output to what Skip put into the pond. So if Hamshaw’s doesn’t have it, it’s a trip to Concord. I know it’s unfashionable to say so, but Home Depot is a pretty darn good store.

P5200004.jpgWe continue to have tulips galore. The Queen of Night tulips are blooming, and seem darker in the photos than they are in person, where they have much more of a purple tint.

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