Fending for itself

Frank and I spent the week in Philadelphia this week, leaving the garden to fend for itself. While we were gone, summer arrived with a heat-wave, hitting the mid-90s, which is pretty rare for New Hampshire.

Of course, because that’s the way things work in our world, Frank had been fiddling with the irrigation before we left and forgot to turn it back on. So in the hottest time yet, our poor plants had no water. Everything except a couple of white hanging baskets seemed to come through okay, though.

P6260055.jpgNew things that bloomed while we were gone — peonies! I had two big bushy peony bushes last year, but only one bloomed. I’d also moved one from my old garden and it has never bloomed for me, but this year it did, so I have three different peonies. I still have three that haven’t bloomed for me, but I have hope.

P6260063.jpgThe yellow sedum around the pond is in full bloom, and looking quite spectacular. It’s spreading so well that I have to think about splitting it, I guess. The fish in the pond seem to have done okay without being fed all week. I asked the kids to remember, but of course they didn’t.

Speaking of which, they also didn’t water the tomatoes or basil up on the deck. The tomatoes in particular took it hard, but seem to be perking back up. Supposedly stressing tomatoes will get them to flower quicker, so I’m trying to see that as a good thing.

P6260056.jpgThere’s a weird bright yellow mold at the base of some of the iris. I haven’t a clue what it is.
Posted by Lisa at June 26, 2003 08:45 PM

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