Quick mushroom update

P8220012.jpgJust a quick update on the mushroom front — there are no actual mushrooms out there yet, but there are lots of primordia, the little things that come before the actual mushrooms. We are psyched! I think this means that we will soon have real mushrooms, so maybe we actually did something right.

P8220007.jpgIn the main garden, the glads are all looking gorgeous, as usual, though I think I should have staked them or run string or something. I might figure out a better place to do that next year, and put them into a cutting garden, maybe, rather than a big stand like this in such a visible location.

Rudbeckia laciniata And finally, we got the first blooms off what the locals call the glow flower, but I think I’ve identified as a double Rudbeckia laciniata ‘Golden Glow . We used to have quite a huge stand of these in the old garden, but thought they’d all been lost in the transition to the new garden, as they haven’t bloomed in two years and I didn’t really recognize the foliage. I didn’t pull them as weeds, at least, as I thought it was supposed to be something I wanted, so I’m gratified to see what that plant is. They are incredibly tall — taller than the crab apple it’s planted in front of.

Now that I know what it is, I think I have one other plant that I recently uncovered out of a bunch of weeds, and it has yet to bloom for me. I’ll watch them, though, as that article is right — they were very invasive in my previous garden. Pretty, though.

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