Not a productive day

P8240010.jpgWe went out into the new garden, today, to run some more of the trees that we have down already through the sawmill.

It was largely unsuccessful, though. The sawmill broke about a hundred times, for a number of reasons, and it was very frustrating. The blade got thrown and wouldn’t go on correctly, the blade ate through the metal cover, the belt got thrown. Arg.

Then, the hose that drips water onto the blade got clogged and we tried a number of things to get it unclogged. First, a twig, which didn’t work at all. Then I went into the house and got a metal clothes hanger, which was too thick and not flexible enough.

Finally, I’d had enough and just left Frank out there on his own. I could hear him yelling and screaming at the machine from inside the house, heh. Poor guy. It felt like such a wasted day, and hardly anything got accomplished at all.

It was gorgeous out there, though. Pretty blue skies, and quite warm.

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