Heavy Equipment

P9260010.jpgAfter far too many years of neglect, we hired Lyle Handy to work on the driveway this year. He’s bringing in probably eight loads of sure-pack, and starting with the worse sections, right in the middle. The driveway is really long, about 800 feet, and we have to maintain the whole thing ourselves.

P9260018.jpgSince we had him and his heavy equipment out already, it just made since to get him to de-stump the area where the new veggie garden is going. I’m so excited! I’ve been watching him out the window on and off all day. He hasn’t actually started in the veggie garden yet, but that will be tomorrow.

We took a walk out after work to see his handy work in the driveway, and it looks good. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a roller to pack this stuff down, so I’m not sure how well it’s all going to turn out, but have high hopes.

P9260004.jpgWhen we went to town today, we searched all the stores for a really good bulb planter. Frank went a little nuts ordering bulbs, so we wanted something really sturdy. I think we have 800 bulbs coming, or something insane like that. We found this Bulb Hound at the Agway in Keene. It looks like it should work really well, but will report once it is actually used.

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