More work after work

P9240011.jpgYou can tell it is fall and we are far behind on the firewood, because we went out after work again to pick at it. But we were sitting in the gazebo with a glass of wine, and started to feel guilty, so what the heck. Frank might as well use at least one tank of gas in the chainsaw, right?

We got everything cut that we hauled in over the weekend, which was good. We’d had an emergency over the weekend, and had left the truck filled with wood, parked behind the house by the deck. Then we (of course) needed the truck, and Frank had to go out there in the pouring rain to get the wood out of the bed, so he just threw it all wildly.

But anyway, it felt good to at least clean up that mess. He also took down the trampoline for what we hope is the last time. The kids are older now, one in college, and it hardly got used this year. I hate the way it looks! I’m forever trying to move it out of sight, and the kids kept dragging it to a prime location in the lawn.

P9240001.jpgThere are still things in bloom, like the obedient plant, some purple cone flowers hanging in there. The asters, mums, and sedum, of course, are going strong. There are a few blooms left on the clematis behind the gazebo. That one was new this year, and is doing really well for a baby.

P9240008.jpgOne of the roses that we had about given up on, sure that it was dead, has a sudden spurt of new growth. It’s only about six inches high, and I want to remember to give it a lot of mulch this year to see if we can nurse it through the winter.

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