Hen of the Woods

P9280025.jpgJust a very brief update to show off half of a huge hen of the woods that our friend Paul Abraham gifted us with today. Wow.

Frank and I spent an hour or so cutting this up and sauteing it all so that we could freeze it. We were worried that it would take longer than that, but it went pretty quickly with us working together. I like to use it fresh or frozen far more than dried because neither of us like the texture when it’s been dried and reconstituted. I’ve heard there’s a way to get that to work, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

It did indeed rain all day today, so no gardening got done, unfortunately. I’d really wanted to get out there and build more raised beds, but tromping around in the cold and the mud didn’t seem very smart.

We’d also planned to do a bit of a mushroom hunt in our woods, but again, the rain. Hopefully, we’ll get out there later in the week.

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