Pulling the glads

PA080019.jpgWe finally got out there to pull the glads and the dahlias. We’ve had four or five hard frosts already this year. (Isn’t this early for that? It feels very early.) So we went out after work tonight and ended up working a bit in the dark, but that’s okay.

The glads are really reproducing like mad! So many of them had little baby bulblets that I think the compost we so liberally spread this year really helped them out. The dahlias did okay as well, and could easily be split next year as well, so that’s all good.

Instead of leaving that space open so that we could replant them in the same place next year, we worked in two trailer fulls of compost and filled the area with the new poppies from Dutch Gardens, Inc., then over-planted with tulips and daffs. This part of the garden has really crappy soil, but I have high hopes with all the compost that we’ve worked in there now.

PA080018.jpgYoda and Princess kitty kept us company while we worked. I so enjoy having them around. He kept looking into the holes I was planting very curiously. Princess mostly sits on stonewalls, looks regal, watches. Cute.

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