Sticking Snow

PA230002.jpgWell, there’s no getting around it. It stuck. I woke up this morning hoping the snow had turned to rain overnight, and instead I saw two inches on the ground and the snow was still coming.

It’s pretty, I admit, but I’m not ready. I need more fall, please. I like fall.

To outline the mighty list of things we still have to do before snow really falls:

  1. Firewood. Lordy do we need firewood. There’s no way Frank’s going to let us break down and buy it like we did last year, so we just have to get what we have already down cut and stacked. Doesn’t that sound simple?
  2. Leaves. I’ve discussed this already, but we have to decide if we’re just going to cut them on the lawn or rake them and use them in the compost. I’m voting for the second, but it’s a lot more work.
  3. Spreading compost and mulch. That sounds easy, but I weed as I go, and I have to clean the leaves out of the beds before I spread either. Frank is hoping to use his new scoop on the tractor to help, rather than having to shovel the stuff into the trailer. Here’s hoping.
  4. Plant bulbs. Whew. Thank god we got that one done already. I’ve pointed out a few areas where we don’t have them, and Frank glared at me. Next year, I guess!
  5. Finish planting plants. Yeah, yeah, we said we were done for the year, this time for sure, yada yada yada. But I bought a tree peony. Okay, two of them, and they’ll arrive on Wednesday, I think. I just have to figure out where I want them. I haven’t a clue.


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