The First Snow

PA220010.jpgNo! Not snow. We’re not ready. We have too many fall chores left, and we really worry that snow is a sign that the season is almost over.

Oh. I just looked to see when the first snow was last year. I guess maybe then that this isn’t too early. But it is! We’re not ready.

This will melt. The weather forecasts are promising that after this front passes, we’ll still have weeks of fall, and that we’ll get into the 50s tomorrow.

We consoled ourselves all day with the thought that at least it wasn’t sticking.

PA220001.jpgIt’s sticking.

One funny thing was that the southern part of the state, which is where we are, was supposed to have rain only, and the northern part was going to get snow. I guess it’s our higher elevation that makes us just like the northern country.

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