PB230001.jpg Alright, the damn firewood is all in. Let winter come now, we’re ready! Of course, we don’t feel like we have enough, but you know, if we had more, we’d just be asking for a worse winter, because we always always run out of firewood. This year we have more than we’ve had since the fire, and really, we don’t want a worse winter than we’ve had since the fire, so ta da, we’re done.

PB230010.jpgIt was absolutely beautiful again today. From inside, with my coffee and blanket this morning, it looked really cold and it was hard to get inspired, but once I got out there, I didn’t want to come in. Big blue skies, and warm enough to work just in a sweatshirt. Wonderful, especially for late November.

I wandered around a bit, and am boggled by the plants that are still alive and green. Don’t they know what time of year it is? ha. The little pinks had buds on them, and I saw several daff shoots as well. It must just be a confusing year, with all of the hard freezes and now warm weather. All of the fish seemed to be hanging out near the heater in the pond, which is still frozen over, but barely.

After all the wood was moved, split and stacked (whew!) we wandered down around the back of the house where the barn will go next year. We are having the foundations dug and poured in the spring, and we think we’ve got it figured out, where it will all go. It’s on a hill, so it’s tricky, and really, it’ll go where there isn’t ledge, to be honest, but we have the general location all picked out. We can hardly wait. A barn. A real barn!

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