Windows XP Samba IPtables

These are not a winning combination. I finally broke down and decided to run Samba on the webserver in the outer bailey. This is so Lisa can put files into the various directories that constitute the vast Richards web empire. The protection games required to let her ftp everywhere without memorizing a bazillion passwords were getting out of hand.

OK, so I set up samba on the webserver, and tell the firewall to let through ports 138, 139 and 449, as documented in RedHat Linux Firewalls. Apparently no joy. My laptop, running XP home, can’t see the share, niether can Lisa’s running XP Pro. After a certain amount of cussing and checking, I go over to the music box, which is running WinME. Yup, ‘Show Entire Network’ and there it is. ~!@#$%^& What did Bill change this time?

A little googling and I found where I found a list of ports 135,137,138,139,445,449. So I llet those through IPTables. Still no joy on network neighborhood, but I’m getting wise to XP’s bullshit. Start -> Run -> \ and there it is. Same thing for ‘create network place’. You just can’t browse for the Samba share, even though it’s set to browseable, and it works fine in WinME.

PS. Yes, I know that my being coy with the names is going to slow down a cracker by about 10 minutes. Ten minutes here, ten minutes there, and nothing to steal anyway, maybe he’ll go elsewhere.

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