CRW_0152_JFR.jpg It’s been really windy these last couple of days. Like most of the country, we’ve had gusts up around 50 mph, and sustained wind in the 30s for a while. It’s doing a number on the leaf raking we won’t have to do, which is nice. The driveway has a lot of branches and things down in it, though.

I keep thinking that this is good, though. Let this wind know down the weaker stuff now, and the first heavy snow fall won’t cause the trouble it often does. At least this way we don’t have to climb through deep snow to clear the road.

We still have some fall chores that haven’t been finished, but I’m not sure how many of them will actually get done before snow flies. The firewood is endless, of course, and I don’t think it’s ever really done. All the bulbs got planted and the new plants put in because those were non-negotiable. The window boxes all got hauled in, which sometimes doesn’t happen until spring. The pond pump got pulled and the heater put in.

We should have spread more compost, though. One out of ten beds is not a good thing! But we did the most important one, the one full of all the spring bulbs.

We had hoped to get one of the new raised beds in the veggie garden ready to plant in the spring, and that’s not going to happen, unfortunately. We got a start on it, but then the firewood thing became urgent, so it’ll just have to wait and probably won’t get cool weather crops in it.

It’s just really hard to motivate myself to get out there when it’s really cold, even if it hasn’t stayed snow covered yet. The wind just makes it almost impossible to feel remotely fun.

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