Tractor buckets & triple blooms

IMG_0266.jpgWe headed over to just north of Concord today to pick up the new bucket for Frank’s tractor. He’s very psyched to get it, and we’re not quite sure how he’s going to get it off the truck and onto the tractor. But that’s a problem for another day — today, we just brought it home.

CRW_0257_JFR.jpgI wanted to give a great should out to the wonders of worm tea. This is the third year on my amaryllis, and this year it’s huge, tall with a very thick stalk, and has triple buds on it. So far, only the one is open, and it’s beautiful. Worm castings are magic stuff.

IMG_0261.jpgFrank noticed today that the pond heater seems to be doing the trick. There’s a little hole in the ice and snow right where the heater is. I wonder how cold it can get and when the heater won’t be able to keep up? So far so good, though.

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