Google Adwords acting Weird

We finally have Google Adwords running over on For sure it’s a low traffic site, but google and awstats are sure not seeing eye to eye on the issue. It’s only been three days, but here’s the situation:

Day awstats pages Google Impressions
Friday 62 56
Saturday 31 7
Sunday 9 2

Since I didn’t get adwords running until midday on Friday, that[s a pretty solid agreement for that day. So what happened Saturday and Sunday. Well, there are certainly some hits to awstats that Google wouldn’t see. But the number is much more like 4 than 24.

I’ve checked that all pages show the adwords, and I haven’t seen any public service come through in my checking, so I’m really wondering what’ going on here. Today will actually be a test. I _know_ there were at least 6 impressions, because I saw them.

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