Magic Wands

122_2255_JFR.jpgWe’ve been playing a lot with the tractor and sawmill and are using the truck to haul more logs. I’m getting really good at backing the truck into really tricky spots. I mean, it’s a real valuable skill of mine, and somehow I’m far betting backing up than pulling forward out of the same spot. I’m sure that says something profound about my personality, but I’m all nervy and confident when Frank shows me where to put the truck, up to almost any challenge, and then once I get it there and he attaches the log, I suddenly notice that the truck feels like it’s going to flip over and I lose my nerve, so he pulls it forward when I get the heebie jeebies and can barely even watch him, convinced the truck’s going to flip.

It’s exhausting work, but we’ve got to get these trees out of where we want the sheep yards to be. Plus, many of the logs that will be the wood to build the sheds are in these huge piles that were left when the foundation for the addition was put in. It’s all so confusing. I keep wanting to just go to Home Depot and buy lumber to build the sheds, but even I know that doesn’t make sense, because we have to get the logs out just to have a sheep yard in front of the soon-to-be sheds.

122_2264_JFR.jpgI think I just need a magic wand. I’m getting a bit overwhelmed.

I love the way the iris foliage is all turning such a bright yellow these days.

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