Photo: 11-06-04We’ve been going around and around trying to figure out where the best place to store hay will be. We keep saying “the barn” except we don’t have a barn. The sheds are going up behind the house, and there’s no good access there yet.

We’ve got enough pallets to put it on, extra, actually. Kevin gave us the number of the guy we got it from, and he gave us a great deal because he uses Kevin’s land to grow hay on. We had been calling around and the going rate seemed to be $4.50 a bale, and we got this for $2.50 a bale. We ordered up 200 bales.

It turns out he delivered 100 of them when he heard it wasn’t going into a barn. He suggested we put tarps on the bottom, over the pallets, to keep from losing the bottom row. He said he’ll deliver the rest when we need it, and in the meantime, store it for us in his barn.

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