Productive weekend

PA170008.jpg PA170010.jpgWe had a really productive weekend here on the homestead. I got my tomato vines ripped out and I’m glad the sheep like green tomatoes is all I’m saying. We spent most of the weekend pulling trees out from where they were cut for the addition and running them on the sawmill to come up with lumber for building Ft. Knox to contain our hungry little herd of sheep.

PA170003.jpgThey are doing really well, though, and have seemed to handle the move quite easily. I’m probably spoiling them rotten, but they act like giving them a tree is a gift of candy, and kitchen scraps and my weed bucket make them jump for joy.

PA170005.jpgI’m really popular out there, and just like all my other pets, I can’t resist the “baaaa!” call. I must jot out there ten times or more, even if only to do a bit of petting. We’ve got to get their paddock built soon, though. Sue is getting bored, and any day now, his randy-smelling self is going to decide that four strings of electric fence aren’t enough to keep him away from his harem. Lambing in April is going to be hard enough! (That picture of lambs in snow is so going to be us next spring. The line that gets me the most in the article is “The only good thing about having to do that assist was that my hand had a chance to thaw out.”)

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