Mad Rush

120_2040_JFR.jpg What did we do today? I can hardly remember.

Worked on the garden shed foundation.

Ran the sawmill.

Until we were exhausted!

120_2043_JFR.jpgFed the bees. Frank’s switched to a 2-1 sugar/water ratio, and both hives are still taking it. Only a few of them are flying these days. Suddenly the bidens in my window boxes are becoming popular again. They ignored them all summer when there was other stuff blooming, but now they come in handy.

I’d be really nice if we could finish the foundation before everything freezes, but I’m not sure we’re going to make it. The sheep shelters have to take priority, and we still have all of our regular fall chores that still have to be done.

Bulbs. We have to plant the bulbs. I’m not sure where I want them yet, so I definitely need to think about that.

Firewood. We are so behind on firewood because we’ve done everything else this summer. And now with the sheep sheds, who knows when we’ll get to it.

Frank told me today that he heard something growing up, or maybe he read it, that in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, they say you can spot the trolls (the people who live below the bridge) by the fact that they get their firewood in BEFORE snow flies. No one who is real does that. So I think this means we are real.

Here’s hoping for a long, warm fall. No snow. No snow. No snow. Not yet!

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