Finishing Shed Three

125_2530_JFR.jpgWe rushed off to HomeDepot as soon as everyone was fed this morning to get the three metal roof panels for this last shed. Unfortunately, they only had three left and they were in pretty grim shape, but we couldn’t wait for more to come in, so we just took the discount and took them anyway.

Frank cut some firewood before we started on the sheds, because we are completely out for the little stove in the bedroom, and a storm is on the way. We’ve got that bunch of stuff on the deck that looks horrible anyway, so he did some of that. Firewood is the next thing on the agenda, and we’re so far behind, but Frank will have to do it all himself because I won’t be here again for two weeks. Poor Frank!

Sassy, eating bell peppers. Yum!While he cut firewood, I took the treat bowl out to continue my plan to woo the Shetlands. It’s working. Sassy rushes right up to me, and told me how much she really really likes left over bell pepper bits. We need a better plan for how to deal with Panic, though. Again today we had to rescue him because Leon and Raven had him pinned and his horns were caught in the fence. I know they want to run him off, but he hasn’t anywhere to run, and they’re going to kill him at this rate.

125_2532_JFR.jpgSo, we did Shed Three. It’s like we almost know what we are doing this time. He screwed on the metal roof panels, I cut all the siding to length while he did that, and nailed up one side myself. It was starting to get dark when we were nailing the back side underneath the hay hatch, but once that got up, we re-arranged the fencing and let the three Mamas and Papas in, which is what we are calling Sue, Fiona and Kaytla. Frank’s theory was that he wanted them in the new place before I left, so that if they were going to get out in the morning, I would still be here to help him get them back in. Good plan!

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