Minxy Delivers

DSC04348 That’s my girl, giving me my first two ewe lambs of the season. Perfect! My favorite and most tame sheep gives me girls, yay! She’ll show them the ropes, and keeping them tame won’t be hard at all. Way to go, Minxy! She had them both cleaned off and claimed, great for a first time mama. Woo hoo.

DSC04358 DSC04363 I did jug them, though, since I saw one of the lambs trailing behind Kaytla instead of Minx. Kaytla kept sniffing her, in case she was her missing lamb, and she does look just like her boys. So into an insta-jug for the three of them, just in case. They are so cute! Also, sweet. Nice job, my girl.

DSC04361 I just couldn’t stand to have the chicks in the house anymore. They were all over that room, making a horrible mess, and getting really noisy to boot. I decided that they were big enough to handle life out in the livestock trailer, with a heat lamp. Moving them was fun. (not!) I think there might still be one in there, but I’ll keep checking. They seem okay outside, and I won’t have to deal with them meeting the bigger chickens for a while this way. I think I’ll back the trailer up to one of the sheep pens and let them explore the great outdoors in another week or two. But at least they are out of the house. All the big chickens are really curious about the trailer, now!

Frank checked the honeybee feeders yesterday, and found a couple of them needed syrup, so we added that. Other than that, they all seem fine. It’s been getting up into the 50s during the day, and when it isn’t raining, all hives have flying bees. I’m seeing all of them all over the yard.

DSC04339The species tulips are just starting to bloom, and it is just getting dry enough to start a bit of the spring clean up. I wrote to the Mega-catch people yesterday, asking where the heck our machines were, and there was a shipping mix up, urg. We bought those in plenty of time to handle the black flies, dang it! I really can’t garden unless I fully bug-suit up right now, which is less than fun, and these machines are supposed to handle black flies as well as mosquitoes. Hopefully, I’ll get it quickly, now that I’ve shown them their shipping error.

2 thoughts on “Minxy Delivers”

  1. Lucky ewe! Two badgerface ewes—congrats! I missed getting a badger girl. Got a boy instead. Oh well—maybe next year.
    By the way–hope your bees do well. This whole colony collapse is kind of weird and a small bit unnerving.

  2. Oh, I got the badger-faced boys, too! Out of 8 lambs, 6 of them are badger-faced, which is really odd, isn’t it? Sue’s genes are really strong in my flock, and he’s badger-faced. Maybe I’ll be able to sell one of his boys for flocks looking for badger faces. His kids are so sweet, too. It’s hard to steel myself for sending them all down the road.


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