Smitten again

DSC04365 I spent an hour or so with Prince and Pearl yesterday, just to give them a good brush. It was hard to take a better picture, because they were so clingy and happy to see me. I was amazed that they recognized my voice and were so needy, poor things. I want a magic wand to get their shelter done instantly so I can bring them home. I am looking for a halter maker, too, because they clearly want to work. They were showing off for me, trying to get me to stay and play. They are also huge, and strong, and reinforced how strong the shelter and fences need to be. They don’t mean to be destructive, but just leaning over the fence there nearly knocked it over. I also got them to eat treats, which they didn’t know about before. Yes, I am going to spoil my draft horses rotten, just like every one else on this farm. They too will soon meet the Red Scoop of Joy.

We went in to town to play bridge last night, the timing of which was tricky. How long could we leave the puppy in the crate? Could we really leave before Egil got all the girls in? Were we done with lambing for the day? Were the baby chicks really okay out in the trailer?

When we got home, the noise was astounding from the critters, with sheep calling out like they hadn’t been fed in *years*, and humming llamas. I think the lambs just joined in because it clearly was the thing to do!

We took a flashlight around, and found one of the hens was missing, all lambs were accounted for, and the little chicks were roosting on the top vents of the trailer. How the heck can they fly that well already?

Jeez Louise. Come on, critters. We have to be able to get a few hours away from the farm, right? Frank says my brain will rot if all I do is farm, and he really likes us to play bridge once a week.

All seems okay this morning. The hen that was out was waiting by the door, trying to get in after her tryst last night. The little chickies are distributed evenly all over the floor of the trailer, while some are roosting up on the tops. I wondered to Frank if I should try to block that with duct tape or something, which might keep them in and make it warmer in there. It got down to about 40 last night. A few are roosting right on the electric heater we have in there, and seem to enjoy it, while others are out of the sun, happily cuddled up in the cold shadows.

I’m glad to see there is some interest in the Adopt a Lamb program this year. I’ll start my pages for the Lamb Line Up soon. We are about half way through lambing, I think. Write me to get on the list, if you are thinking of playing. I’m not sure which ones are the cutest, but I could live outside all day and take pictures, and this gives me an excuse. I’m doing it for you, really, I am!

Someone asked me in email today if she could officially adopt Sue. What a cool idea. He’d love to have a sponsor. He’s quite the ham in front of the camera. So is Egil! Maybe I should do Adopt-A-Critter.

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