Logging in the snow

Logging We logged for a while this afternoon, despite the snow. It was that sort of gentle snow, with fat, fluffy flakes, and the temp was just below freezing, with no wind, so why not. Frank found a trucker, and he thought my idea of using the long driveway to roadside next to would work fine, so we are in business, woo. All we need is a load full of wood for him to truck … hence, logging in the snow. We didn’t get much moved, sadly, but that’s because we are dealing with two trees that didn’t fall right, so were stuck in other trees that they got caught in on the way down. We got one down, one that is the right size for our mill, so we can have wood for whatever our next building is. (honeymoon suite for George and Gracie? Redo the chicken coop? I’m not sure.)

Bjarki showed Deeza the ropes, all about what being a farm dog on this place is like. They followed the tractor. They barked at the chainsaw. They played in the snow while we worked. I took her in mid-day for a nap, because as she started to get tired, she started to get afraid of everything, started shaking like a leaf, just like he used to do when he was a babe.

She is just the cutest thing, like him in some way, very different in others. She’s far more willful than he has ever been, far more independent. (Just like my kids!) When she gets something on her mind, like chasing chickens, she is almost impossible to distract, until something else *she* is interested in happens, like a leaf flies by. (Shiny!) But if I show her something else, give her a treat, scold her, whatever, she shrugs it off and goes right back to trying to chase chickens.

DSC07595 She’s not really house-broken at all, something we got spoiled by with Bjarki, but we are working on it very diligently. She sure knows what bringing a plate out means, though! She has already started copying Bjarki and sitting nicely to wait for a treat, which is the cutest thing. When I took them for a walk this morning, all the way down the driveway, she kept right on going, all the way to the neighbor’s house. Yesterday, she couldn’t make it to the bottom without wanting to be held. She’s not going to be all chubby and round for very long!

The chickens commuting home. We came in as the snow started coming down really hard, and it was time to do the evening chores. It’s looking so pretty out there, like a quaint little village, and all the snow hides all the mess. Egil was bringing in the girls, the mamas were bringing in the chicks. I told the dogs “let’s go feed the pigs” and Ginny’s head popped right out of her pen. Critters are so smart!

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