Oops, I did it again.

Oops, I did it again. I sure seem to have a knack for getting the tractor stuck in ditches or foundation holes, or in the mud or snow. Wow. It sucks. I was pulling a pine log for the newly established pulp wood pile, misjudged where the ditch was, and got it good and stuck. Frank tried using the bucket to push it out, but nothing worked. He also tried using the truck, but even that didn’t work. Yay for AAA.

We have had a horribly incompetent week of logging. We should have at least twice as much stacked up as we do. Trees are falling where we don’t want them. We are really struggling to use the tractor to get them out. We must figure out how to use Prince and Pearl, and WTF to do with Polly. I keep thinking that maybe I can barter with someone who can help us learn to use them in exchange for Polly? She’s such a great horse, purebred Percheron, but having her makes our life so complicated that we aren’t using Prince and Pearl for what we bought them for.

180:365 Lessons Learned The pups make everything better. I’m having so much fun with them. They make me laugh all day long, no matter what. Deeza is so bright. She knows she isn’t supposed to chase chickens and manages to restrain herself for whole minutes at a time. I am watching her like a hawk about the house breaking, and only missed twice, which I am calling a successful day. (better than yesterday!) I’ve got her sitting on command now, and I’m working on “down”. She still hasn’t a clue what “no” means, and “come” is really iffy, especially if there are chickens around. Bjarki has taught her to bark like a fool any time I open the balcony door … it’s a long story how he got trained to do that, but now he is passing it on to her, like a ritual. It is so unfair to have to live with my stupid mistakes for the rest of my life.

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