No rest for the wicked

It’s Saturday, and it seems a very long time ago that Saturdays were for goofing off. Our list of crap that has to get done before snow flies is still pretty long, and snow has already flown, and seems to be sticking around, darn it. The 10 day forecast doesn’t look like it will be going above freezing, so this last snow might be the one that sticks with us until spring. What happened to global warming again?

Sawmilling We ran the sawmill in the morning, despite the cold and windy weather. Frank went to the dump first, because somehow that hadn’t happened last week. But from the time we did morning chores until we quit to do evening chores, we just stayed outside and worked. (Can you tell how virtuous I am feeling? I really wanted another day off, but it was not to be.) We got enough wood to finish the Pig Palace, plus the start of the Honeymoon Suite for George and Gracie. We have no more logs down on the ground — if we need more wood, we’re going to have to drop trees.

Pig Palace The Pig Palace is, however, done, except for one more board along the front that is a funny shape, because I let the boards lean at some point, too bad. One more 8 foot 1×6 will finish it. The poor girls got quite scared by me and the nailer, but now they have a nice cozy place, so I will stop feeling guilty. I tried a lip on the door, to see if we can somehow keep the hay we are giving them for bedding to actually stay inside. We’ll see if it works. As soon as I put it up, Ginny started chewing on it, so I don’t have high hopes.

One of the reasons we need to go to town is to get the pigs a trough that they will quit tipping over. I haven’t a clue why, but Ginny in particular dumps the water as soon as I fill it, and slurps the water off the ground. It is turning their pen into a skating rink, and then leaves them thirsty. So we’ve got to get a trough with a heating device that they can’t flip. We also need heating elements for the sheep water bowls, but they don’t flip them, so as long as they can put a hoof through the ice, we seem to be okay. Have I mentioned how much I hate hauling water buckets?

Lunch I talked Frank into not going into town today, though. I’m tired. I really need some vegging time. We are about out of groceries, but I will make do with what we have. Today I fed us hotdogs and homemade macaroni and cheese. Something about using the Octodog that makes me feel like I am indulging my inner 8 year old! At least I used healthy grained pasta. No actual vegetables, but we are out! I think I have a carrot and some celery left. Maybe I’ll have energy for a trip to town tomorrow.

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